Located between the old Lille and the Vauban Park, 

The Villa Boileux allows you to live in a flatshare

atypical with semi-hotel services.


From 795€


12 Bedrooms


Colocation LILLE
Cabane Coliving Lille
Coliving Lille
Lille - Coliving
Salle à manger Co-living-min
Salle de sport - Coliving-min
Lille - Coliving -Petanque
Lille - Coliving- Flatsharing
Lille - Coliving
Lille - Coliving

What is the Coliving ?

 The  Coliving is a new way of living together around values of sharing and conviviality!

The principle of Coliving : live with people who look like us, share common areas and access comfortable private spaces.

The Coliving aims to develop the community spirit, the pooling of fees and services

The rent includes the cleaning of the common areas and many services offered by the shared accommodation. 

The advantage is also that the occupants do not suffer the constraints of roommates such as the sharing of showers and toilets, quarrels over household chores … 

Everyone enjoys their private space and services that make everyday life easier. The concept is developing in the city of Lille.